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First landing with our 2023 Piper Archer II. Gusting 25 knots

Flight school full video

CFI and student taxiing out 

CFI and student taxiing out
part 2

Aviation History

Aviation History

Aviation History

Aviation History

KPMP Landing Blimp

Rio De Janeiro Airport
(open speakers)

100 ft obstacle on final

South Beach 

Remember we have to stay VFR

Keeping the lights and
the center line

KFLL- Holding short 10L

Airplanes do not have mirrors...
did not realize who is behind me 

Solo student. First landing.

Runway incursions are a top FAA safety concern

VFR on top 

I guess Delta is a bigger plane 

KFXE-What an amazing airport

Touch and go 

Looking for the airport, can you find it?

Overflying the airport and choosing the best runway 

Turning base to final 

24A - Ok Runway 15... here we go. Jackson County Airport 

Dames Point Bridge, Jacksonville Florida

Do you think he can catch him?

Wind or no wind, keep the center line 

Does not look like the AC 
is working 

Sunset landing 

I paid more to fly higher 

The 152 is enjoying the breeze

1960 airplane flew through time

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